Crayon Angels are:

 Singing: Natalina & Ian

​Instrument playing: Del & Ian

The pigeonholing of music can be a foolhardy and ultimately futile pastime so rather than finding a meaningless label let's just say that Crayon Angels are some pleasant humans playing some nice songs for grown-ups.

To try to expand on that ever-so slightly - Crayon Angels are an acoustic-driven trio combining songwriting influenced by some of the British greats (Richard Thompson, Roy Harper, Ray Davies, Andy Partridge etc.), haunting atmospheric electric and lap steel guitars and a soulful female vocal delivery.

Their songs touch on such thorny issues as: older person love (not always a welcome thought close to meal time), bedsit love affairs past, ridiculous middle-aged man behaviour and memories of summers gone. Crayon Angels have, you'll note,  neatly sidestepped the fairies, wizards and maidens-fair that can act as a barrier to some against acoustic music.

Their 2017 debut EP ‘Nonsense Songs’ was described by one delighted purchaser as 'representing the best £3 I’ve spent this year' and received airplay and kind words on the wireless.

Their second, even nicer, EP ‘Postcards’ will be popping out on 5 February 2018 on the Submarine Broadcasting Company label. 'Postcards' will be  available from the Submarine Broadcasting Company online shop or from your friendly local download and streaming emporiums.

Live, Crayon Angels have recently appeared at such convivial venues as the Running Well and Bishops Stortford acoustic clubs and the Loughton and Lost Horizons folk clubs and are earning a nicely growing reputation as all-round good eggs.